Why finleap connect

Why finleap connect? 

If you’re interested in bringing financial transactions to life together with us, then you’ll fit right in at finleap connect. We take pride in our get-things-done attitude, fast-paced environment, and engineering culture. finleap connect is finleap’s software and technology provider, combining and providing a full range of modular, end-to-end fintech services to Europe’s leading financial services institutions.

finleap connect employs over 150 connectors from 35 different countries. We work across six offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris and Madrid.

Our benefits

  • Open feedback culture – Employee Development Talks, Instant Feedback, 1on1s 
  • Flexible working hours and the opportunity to work remotely
  • Personal development opportunities
  • Pension scheme 
  • Discount on public transportation membership 
  • Ecosystem-wide networking communities 
  • Monthly group breakfasts in Berlin
  • Quarterly finleap family meet-ups in Berlin 

And more..

Language Classes

In cooperation with our agency of choice, we offer German classes for every proficiency level. The costs are covered by finleap or our portfolio companies.

Relocation Support 

Our People Operations Team will help you survive the German bureaucracy! They will support you in every matter of your relocation – from visa applications and necessary insurance policies to connecting you to housing agencies for finding your first (temporary) residence.

Women’s Network 

With this initiative, we want to strengthen our #wxmenintech network within the ecosystem. This is a safe space for anyone and everyone who wants to join.

finleap Alumni Network 

As colleagues, we experience a lot of important moments together, share learnings, and support one another. We want to continue this relationship at the alumni network for everyone who once worked at the finleap ecosystem.

Office Location Benefits

Our office locations throughout Europe offer different types of benefits for our employees. As an example, our H:32 office building in Berlin offers daily fresh fruits & vegetables, and cereals are available. As an employee, you  can also take part in weekly fitness programs, meetups and community events. Or enjoy the beautiful rooftop with a panoramic view of Berlin.


Benefits of Payment Initiation Services via Open Banking to simplify invoice processing

Processing invoices is an integral part of running any business successfully at any stage. As the business continues to grow, the challenges associated with handling invoices lead to manual errors and the costs stemming from the use of both credit cards and traditional payment methods. Read here about how Payment Initiation Services via Open Banking help to overcome these challenges and brings more opportunities for businesses with increased profit margins, seamless payment journeys and no chargebacks for businesses.

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Episode 130 of the Fintech Scaling Show: The Mindset of Scaling with our CEO, Nicola Breyer

Richard and Nicola Breyer, CEO of finleap connect, discuss how fintech leaders can become overwhelmed or confused about what steps to take to grow their companies, and how this can speed up the scaling process with the right mindset. They discuss everything from funding an enterprise to marketing and building a team, and how each action requires the right frame of mind to get the best results.

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Using Payment Initiation Services to improve conversions for eCommerce businesses

A complicated checkout process is one of the major reasons why users abandon the checkout process, as 17% of shoppers in the study conducted by Baymard institute in 2022 responded. Payment Initiation Service (PIS) uses Open Banking as a basis and allows for account to account payments without making  customers register for a payment service and without experiencing friction during the customer journey.

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Good for customers, good for brands – Engaging embedded finance in a meaningful way.

Embedded finance is a strong and fast-growing market that will reach a market cap of 7.2 trillion US dollars by 2030, according to a report by Mambu. That is twice the combined value of the world’s top 30 banks. What drives investors and businesses to invest in embedded finance, and what specific opportunities does this phenomenon create? We took a look into the industry’s key findings and interviewed two of our customers Engel & Völkers Smart Money and VR Bank Bad Salzungen Schmalkalden eG.  

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How to reach the top of the digital wallet

Several weeks ago, we announced our partnership with Solarisbank AG and VR-Bank Bad Salzungen Schmalkalden e.G. to bring the VR-Perfekt Fankarte to life ⚽️ The Fankarte is just one of many real-life examples of how #embeddedfinance can enable brands to create a tailored payment experience for their customers. But how can brands leverage embedded finance to reach the top of the digital wallet? This we answered together with Solarisbank in this Insights Blog article.

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20 Years of Girl’s Day – Interview with Payment & Banking

In Germany, April 22nd, 2021, marked the twentieth anniversary of the nationwide campaign day, Girl’s Day (Mädchen-Zukunftstag). To mark this special occasion, Christina Cassala from German fintech blog Payment & Banking asked several leaders in the fintech industry about the importance of the day, as well as what their companies are doing to support the next generation of female fintech leaders. Among those interviewed was our Chief Risk Officer, Dr. Lea Maria Siering. 

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Smartphone Finance Apps – What are they really capable of?

This year, Capital Magazin analyzed and published an extensive study on the functionality of financial apps. To this end, the study asked a very important question: What can these apps really do? We asked our Chief Commercial Officer, Andreas Reuß, this very question. 

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Bringing Financial Transactions to Life – Introducing Our New Product Structure

Our mission at finleap connect is to bring financial services to life by understanding how customers transact and interact. By connecting a highly interdependent, yet fragmented, landscape created by the open banking revolution, we drive value to our partners, building on our market leading connectivity to high quality financial data. Check out our new layer structure.

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4 things you didn’t know about open banking 

The global fintech industry has been gravitating towards open banking solutions and products over the past couple of years, especially since the advent of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2). Among other things, PSD2 allowed fintech companies to start gaining access to payment accounts to standardized, regulated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Before merging to become […]

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The future belongs to digital corporate banking

Is the market acting too slowly with regard to digitization in corporate banking? Established banks are in danger of losing this next important race. The contact to corporate customers is in a state of constant change.
finleap connect CRO Cornelia Schwerter explains how digital corporate banking is the future of fintech.

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How a global pandemic changed the way we work

The past few months have been demanding, forcing every business, company and individual to examine and reevaluate how they go about their day-to-day lives. We interviewed some of our connectors about the learnings they’ve taken with them since the Corona crisis began.

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The evolution of risk management with regtech

Our team is rethinking risk management. Find out what opportunities arise from redefining the management of non-financial risks (NFR) and how it can be transformed into a valuable tool for corporate management.

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Evolution des Risikomanagements mit Regtech

Unser Team denkt Risikomanagement neu. Erfahren Sie hier, welche Chancen sich durch die Neudefinition des Managements der nicht-finanziellen Risiken (NFR) ergeben und wie es zu einem wertvollen Werkzeug der Unternehmenssteuerung umfunktioniert werden kann.

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finleap connect markets

In addition to our offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, there are international market teams based in Milan, Madrid and Paris. General Managers Marco Berini, Ignacio Garcia and Nicolas Montes-Edwards are driving their teams to offer finleap connect’s state-of-the-art technologies and products to local business partners and financial service providers in Italy, Spain and France, respectively.

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Die Checkliste für den finanziellen Frühjahrsputz

Seit Mitte März arbeiten wir bei finleap connect, wie viele andere Unternehmen, im Home-Office. Unserem Team ist aufgefallen, dass sich die zusätzliche Zeit zuhause gut für einen finanziellen Frühjahrsputz eignet. Reinemachen im Budget, Bankkonto und den eigenen Versicherungen!

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Backstage Sourcing Initiative: Aktuelle Herausforderungen gemeinsam meistern

Die aktuelle Krise stellt die gesamte Finanzbranche vor neue Herausforderungen. finleap connect hat daher eine unabhängige Plattform eingerichtet, um den Wissensaustausch zu Sourcing-Themen in der Finanzbranche zu fördern.
In Webinaren teilen Referenten ihr Expertenwissen, regen zur Diskussion, Erfahrungs- und Wissensaustausch an und und leisten damit einen Beitrag für einen weiterhin stabilen Betrieb. Unser Expertenteam freut sich auf Ihre Teilnahme!

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How banks can help their customers in times of COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the economy, the German government and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz have agreed on a comprehensive aid package for companies in Germany. These measures are intended to help companies to cope with the corona crisis, e.g. through continued wage payments, and to secure their liquidity. The […]

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So helfen Banken ihren Kunden in Zeiten von COVID-19

Die Bundesregierung hat ein Maßnahmenpaket beschlossen, mit dem Unternehmen bei der Bewältigung der Corona-Krise unterstützt werden. Die KfW Bankengruppe hat nun die Aufgabe, die kurzfristige Versorgung der Unternehmen mit Liquidität zu erleichtern. Die Beantragung der Kredite erfolgt über die Hausbanken. Lesen Sie hier, wie Banken ihre Kunden schnell im Antragsprozess unterstützen können!

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finleap celebrates 2019 in style – by bringing back the ’90s!

The whole finleap ecosystem got together and celebrated the successes of 2019 at the annual finleap Christmas party. This year, finleap traveled back in time to a colorful era. The motto of this year’s party: Ugly ’90s! As a tradition, all fins (finleap employees) and team members of the ecosystem took the dress code of the party seriously. The costumes included neon colors, oversized t-shirts, tattoo bracelets, and the Spice Girls. Let’s recap the finleap party of the year!

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PSD2 & Open Banking for insurance

From our experience in the fintech market, most insurance companies do not seem to be fully aware of their potential in Open Banking. Most of them are still not using the opportunities coming from accessing customer bank statements to their fullest extent. Therefore, we think there is plenty of space to develop innovative solutions in the insurance market, all driven by PSD2 and Open Banking. finleap connect is able to fulfill the insurance market needs with 3 distinctive offerings.

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PSD2 & Open Banking für Versicherungen

PSD2 und Open Banking schaffen ein enormes Potenzial für innovative Lösungen im Versicherungsmarkt. Auf Grundlage der Nutzung von Bank- und Transaktionsdaten können individualisierte, digitale Versicherungsprodukte entwickelt werden. Dieses Potenzial schöpfen bislang die wenigsten Versicherungen voll aus. Hier kommen finleap connects Lösungen, speziell zugeschnitten auf die Bedürfnisse der Versicherungen, ins Spiel.

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Bankathon #7 in Prague – Let the Open Banking world begin!

Bankathon #7 in Prague was the largest and most international Bankathon so far, with 27 competing teams consisting of 93 developers, from 7 countries. During the 30 hours of coding, they worked with 6 APIs on 6 different theme tracks and 21.000€ prize money was awarded after the Final Pitches – enabled by 16 Bankathon partners.

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The finleap abc explained – from assets to build to connect

Going forward, finleap streamlines its efforts to fully digitalize the finance industry by adding the new business unit finleap connect. finleap connect unites finleap’s expertise and products as well as talent from its international markets team, the fintech platforms finreach solutions, infinitec solutions, and the banking service provider figo.

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