A financial advisor for your clients

Virtual CFO is an online application that serves as a digital financial advisor, supporting your clients’ businesses.

An aggregated view of current cash flows, recurring payments and outstanding liabilities are the main pillars that determine a businesses’ financial position.

Our fully PSD2 compliant White Label solution supports SMEs with all financial needs, like connecting all relevant financial data, financial well-being, ensuring sufficient funds for business operations and payments processes.

By offering Virtual CFO as an easy-to-integrate digital financial product to your clients, you easily increase your user touchpoints.

Use Cases

Connecting all relevant financial data

We believe…every business should have a holistic view of its finances. Financial data is highly interconnected and therefore should not be handled in silos.

The problem…whilst we show bank account data, the picture is incomplete. In order to complete it, companies use a variety of different tools.

Our solution…integrates data with other services that businesses use. We can pull all data into Virtual CFO and build a complete picture for the business owner.

Financial well-being

We believe…many business owners feel uncertain about the performance of their business and are looking for assurance and guidance to achieve financial well-being.

The problem…business owners are experts in their field but not necessarily in finance. Business owners therefore rely on external experts such as tax or management consultants for professional advice.

Our solution…provides business owners with easy-to-understand metrics and information about the financial performance of their business. We pull data from different financial data sources to inform the business owner.

Ensuring sufficient funds for business operations

We believe…liquidity is the most important resource for a company and most bankruptcies are due to insufficient funds.

The problem…business owners have difficulties planning their liquidity or struggle to keep the original plan up-to-date.

Our solution…provides businesses with an easy-to-use tool to plan liquidity for their business. By using transaction data we can recognize and automate the main building blocks for a business.

Getting paid & paying

We believe…getting paid and paying in time is one of the most critical business processes – the essence of each business transaction.

The problem…businesses have multiple channels to get paid by the customer or to pay their suppliers. Organizing and monitoring payments and deadlines is very time-consuming for business owners.

Our solution…provides business owners with a reliable service that keeps track of all due payments and reduces the friction for the business owner when it comes to getting paid or paying.

Key Features

Insights feed
  • Central application  to check all business financials
  • Conversational approach – feels like talking to your CFO
  • Time comparison to assess the performance of your business
  • Action items that require your approval
  • Smart notifications that require your attention
Account aggregation
  • Supports accounts from ~2700 banks in the DACH region
  • Enables one aggregated view over all existing bank accounts
PSD2 compliant AIS
  • Fully compliant account information service, under PSD2
Transaction categorization
  • Automated, customizable transaction categorization
Liquidity planning and cash forecasting
  • Automated balance forecast
  • Income and expense planning
  • Out-of-Cash and overdraft forecast
Partner insights panel
  • Access to product and user analytics
  • Access to generated insights from Virtual CFO

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