Taking sandboxing to the next level with Mockbank

We provide you with sandboxing and testing functionalities for PSD2 & Open Banking connections

We know that most of the time testing processes are time consuming, difficult, costly and usually involve a lot of technical expertise. We are aware of your frustration at the lack of advanced and easy-to-use testing capabilities. That is why finleap connect is happy to offer you improved testing options to create test customers that have accounts, balances and full transactional data; providing a flexible and in depth test.

We are cooperating with Mockbank so that we can offer you the possibility to connect to the APIs and test immediately with a great variety of bank accounts and user-situations. MockBank works like a real bank, only without real bank accounts.

All our Open Banking products can be broadly tested using MockBank. Regardless whether you check for Risk purposes or want to display different contracts – our solution has set you up to mirror real-life transactions for a swift and reality-like integration.



What can you do?

Create historical data

Simulate new transactions

full stack

How does the testing process look like?

  • Register on the Mockbank

  • Create customers and transactions

  • Get the results

  • Take advantage of the sandbox testing functionality without using live customer data.
  • Create test customers that have accounts, balances and full transaction data, providing a flexible and in depth test.
  • Create specific user-scenarios by the provided UI.
  • Remove the lengthy process of manually creating transactional data or anonymizing real transaction data.

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