Personal Finance Management

Money Management
The Personal Finance Management (PFM) app integrates a holistic suite of products based on Open Banking capabilities. By creating new touchpoints and capturing additional value from data accessed, we empower end users to gain control over their finances.


Why choose us?

Holistic financial overview

Give users a complete overview of their financial activity allowing them to aggregate all their financial services at a glance.

Enhanced financial health

Provide advanced tools, such as cash flow analysis and/or savings alerts, to end users to make their financial lives more transparent & enable them to make better financial decisions.

High user retention

Become the financial home for your end user and thereby increase their loyalty over time.

Flexible platform

Leverage the flexibility of finleap connect’s modular money management platform and easily embed your PFM to fit your own application.


How it works

  • Multibanking

    Aggregation and display of multiple financial accounts in one single view

  • Transaction categorisation

    Automatic labelling and categorisation of spending and income transactions

  • Cash flow analysis

    Analysis of incoming and outgoing transactions, as well as a prediction of cash flow based on historical data

  • Smart notifications

    Send smart notifications leveraging transaction data & custom saving and spending goals.

If you’re looking for branded financial products, a fintech partner or banking toolswe’ve got you.

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