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Modular SaaS platform, covering the whole salary backed loans (SBL) financing process

A salary or pension backed loan is a particular form of fixed financing repaid by constant installments connected to the borrower’s salary or pension. It is directly deducted from the pay cheque and paid by the borrower’s employer to the institute providing the loan.

The European Banking Authority supports SBLs and approved a change in the associated capital requirement regulation, decreasing it from 75% to 35% of capital absorption.

We redesigned SBL flows to create a SaaS Platform that manages end-to-end the lifecycle of salary backed loans – from online lead generation to the underwriting phase.

Automated document management, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Know Your Customer (KYC)

We have re-engineered and optimised all salary backed loan user onboarding and backoffice processes, in order to guarantee better user experience and time savings. This includes document management, OCR, and KYC processes.

Our modular and customizable solution allows you to select the required functions individually and reduce the onboarding time of a new customer to a minimum.


Bank’s backoffice operations

The core platform gives the bank’s backoffice team complete control over underwriting, clients and sales agents, optimizes data entry, and facilitates processes, communication, and notification workflows (plus accounting record).

finleap connect Lendbox banks's backoffice operations
finleap connect Lendbox, agent's web app


Agent’s web app

The agent’s dashboard provides the sales force with full insights on leads and clients, as well as remote communication, calendars, and automatic document generation and audit feedback.


User’s web app

This digital asset is the perfect gateway for new user clusters, brand positioning, and smart services. It provides all relevant information, highlights its value proposition, and features a tool to onboard new leads.

finleap connect Lendbox users webapp
finleap connect Lendbox, Document Management System


Document management system

Using an external document management system grants an easy way to manage and access all customer related files. Our compliant document storage solution allows interoperability between different business units.

Key Features and Benefits

Automated KYC procedure

  • Reduces fraud risks and prevents spam leads
  • Saves backoffice capacity

Optical character recognition (OCR)

  • pre-filled forms by reading our data decreases typos and drop-out rate
  • Users only need to verify the collected information


  • One-stop service offering, starting from the set-up of the new platform to the proposition of business services on sales and after sales activities.

Evolving platform

  • innovative platform solution that keeps evolving
  • We accompany you through an ever changing industry and adjust the platform accordingly

Save time and money

  • reduced onboarding time
  • competitive usage-based pricing model

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