Tailor your consumer products to the right audience

Understanding your customers and their financial behaviors is key to provide valuable products. finleap connect helps you collect the information with the right perspective. Whether your customer is facing an evolving family situation, recently changed jobs or is facing a major life event, we optimize your product market fit by leveraging our analytical capabilities.

Use Cases

Cash Flow Analysis

We believe… a customer’s bank account is the richest source of information available about the individual.

The problem… it is hard to detect and aggregate relevant information, including understanding actual cash flows.

Our solution… provides a comprehensive overview of a person’s financial habits by analysing incomes, recurring payments, wealth indicators and spending habits.

Risk Check

We believe… financial transactions provide deep insights about the financial habits of a person.

The problem… to detect specific risk signals before making decisions about credit lines or loans.

Our solution… uses machine learning to detect with high accuracy all relevant risk signals like overdrafts, debts or addictive consumer behaviour.

Marketing Signals

We believe… financial transactions provide deep insights about a customer’s consumption habits.

The problem… understanding whether a tailored product offering resonates with a target audience.

Our solution… is to provide a comprehensive overview of a customer’s financial situation and consumption preferences.

Platform Structure

The modular product structure makes it quick and easy for you to add relevant financial services to your existing application, product and service range.