How finleap connect and MockBank are taking sandboxing for Open Banking to the next level

If you are working on an Open Banking & PSD2 application, by now you may be aware of the time-consuming and challenging testing processes. As an Open Banking platform provider, we were looking for a solution to enable our customers to easily test bank connections. In cooperation with MockBank, a Munich-based fintech which provides sandboxing for Open Banking connections, finleap connect now offers its clients advanced testing capabilities facilitated by a sandbox environment that can be easily individualised. The accounts provided with MockBank work like real bank accounts and give organisations the ability to test their services quickly and effortlessly. MockBank’s CEO, Jan Riem, underlines the opportunity that this partnership presents:

”We are delighted to Partner with finleap Connect and its excellent team. PSD2 and Open Banking globally is 1% finished and by bringing Mockbank to the finleap connect customer base, we want them to be able to build – better, faster and cheaper – the missing 99%.“

Jan Riem, CEO of MockBank

Jan Riem, CEO of MockBank

How does the testing work?

Using, finleap connect customers can connect to the API and test by simulating bank account connections with different flows, use cases and user situations. After signing up for a MockBank account, you can start creating users and transactions right away and get results. finleap connect customers can easily simulate real user behaviour by creating multiple bank accounts associated with the same user and controlling variables such as income transactions, expenses etc.

Potential benefits for finleap connect customers

Using real test accounts can be tricky due to compliance reasons. Sandboxing provides a convenient way of using fictional data and/or combining it with anonymized historical data. MockBank delivers a larger dataset which reduces the errors that arise from small samples. Additionally, MockBank significantly speeds up the process by reducing the time spent on updating and cleaning data sets.

Testing with MockBank is self-explanatory and requires little to no technical expertise, enabling customers to test data without additional support from finleap connect’s technical experts. Customers can start testing our Open Banking solutions within minutes, not only with past and present transactions but also with more complex ones such as recurring payments. finleap connect’s CPO, Katja Hunstock, highlights the benefits of this partnership:

“ enables our customers to test our various Open Banking solutions in an intuitive and realistic environment and customise their testing their unique use cases.”

Katja Hunstock, CPO of finleap connect

Katja Hunstock, CPO of finleap connect


We are now taking sandboxing for Open Banking on a new level. finleap connect is thrilled to offer industry leading testing to its customers and anyone who is interested in becoming one. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us via or contact us.


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