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Our vision? – To Empower the Future of Financial Technology in Europe

finleap connect, based in Germany in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, is a technology and software provider covering the full range of fintech solutions. As one of finleap’s abc business units, finleap connect is part of Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem, a group with 1,100 employees from over 80 countries.

Why Europe? Over the years, finleap has established a fast network of business angels, experts and ventures across Europe. Currently, finleap and its portfolio companies are active in 15 European countries. finleap connect aims to provide 80% of finleap’s solutions in 80% of European fintech products and services. In order to realize this, the international team of fintech enthusiasts is working across six offices throughout Europe.

In addition to our offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, there are international market teams based in Milan, Madrid and Paris. General Managers Marco Berini, Ignacio Garcia and Nicolas Montes-Edwards are driving their teams to offer finleap connect’s state-of-the-art technologies and products to local business partners and financial service providers in Italy, Spain and France, respectively.

Meet the experts in our international markets and their products.

finleap connect Italy

Marco Berini finleap connect

Marco Berini is GM of finleap connect Italy and our point of contact for the Italian market. Currently, finleap connect employs more than 20 talented employees in this region. Marco has 20 years of experience in banking innovation and a strong entrepreneurial instinct. Before joining finleap connect, Marco was Head of Group Innovation for UniCredit, as well as MD of UniCredit evo, a partnership focused on investing in best-in-class financial technology startups.

In regards to product, the modular SaaS platform Lendbox, covering the whole salary backed loans financing process, is live in Italy with its self-onboarding module. The second Lendbox module, which consists of onboarding via bank agents, will be released in May. The full Know Your Customer (KYC) process with video identity verification and digital signature will follow soon. In addition, the Italian finleap connect team supports local digital banks in redefining their value proposition via dedicated design sprints. The Account Switch Kit (ASK) will be released in Italy this summer.

finleap connect Spain

finleap connect Ignacio Garcia

Ignacio Garcia is GM of finleap connect Spain. Ignacio is a serial entrepreneur and executive, with extensive experience in the fintech and insurtech industries. Before joining finleap connect, Ignacio had leadership roles in companies like iZettle, Holvi, BBVA and Zurich Santander. He works together with his team in the Spanish capital. Together, they are pushing the product development identified in the market as well as business development and sales, in order to further boost the market entry.

finleap connect’s Account Switch Kit (ASK), our White Label product that allows users to switch their accounts from one bank to another within minutes, has various customers in the Spanish market, like Selfbank, Deutsche Bank or Banco Cooperativo Español.

finleap connect France

Nicolas Montes-Edwards, finleap connect, GM France

Nicolas Montes-Edwards, is the GM of finleap connect France. Nicolas is an experienced leader in the fintech scene with a background in investment banking at Lazard, RBS and Oddo BHF. Prior to joining finleap connect, Nicolas was General Manager France at the fintech scale-up Raisin, a marketplace for term deposits.

Stay tuned for finleap connect product updates in the French market.


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