A single source for your financial world!

Our platform covers all must-haves of financial services. Accessing them via one single platform allows you to focus on your unique selling point – we take care of the heavy lifting.


finX offers best in class API products that allow you to consolidate, analyze and control your financial world. It provides access to various value-added micro products in the fields of Account, Contract and Document Services.

Use Cases

Multibanking & Payment initiation

We believe…that the traditional financial institutions and neobanks need to keep up with the increasing customer needs to have interconnected and powerful digital channels.

The problem…is that digital savvy customers require to have all their banking-relevant information in one single app and to quickly and easily complete specific actions with a limited effort and high automation.

Our solution…is to integrate all your financial accounts (banks, depot accounts, credit cards, PayPal, etc.) and initiate all the payments directly from the app with easy and well-designed processes.

Personal finance management (PFM) & Categorization

We believe…that customers are expecting financial service providers (e.g. banks, Fintechs, insurances) to provide them with powerful tools to understand their financial status – without the mandatory need of a financial advisor.

The problem…is that customers are lacking a clear understanding of their finances and often don’t know how to manage them effectively and conveniently.

Our solution…is that our proprietary categorization engine paired with the aggregation of the relevant accounts of the customers enables them to have a high level of detail related to their finances.




Platform Structure

The modular product structure makes it quick and easy for you to add relevant financial services to your existing application, product and service range. Based on bank account connectivity, finleap connect provides a technical solution to use financial data outside of online banking in a different context.

Key Features and Benefits

Supported Account Types
  • Current
  • Savings
  • Securities
  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Loan
  • Mortgage
  • Pension


  • Faster Go-to-Market
  • Easy to Pivot
  • Less integration, infrastructure and maintenance costs & efforts
  • Compliance-as-a-Service
  • High Quality Support
  • Increase fee related revenues
  • Competitive advantage through value-added, customized services


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