Empower your customers to seamlessly initiate payments for a range of applications

finleap connect’s payment services power real-time payments using direct bank to bank transfers. You will be able to improve your customer experience by providing an integrated offering while also reducing costs. Soon, businesses will also be able to access bulk payments, and tap into a wider range of consumer payments options.

Use Case

Payment Initiation Service

We believe… that real-time money movement is now a necessity for customers.

The problem… the current options have not evolved in decades, and are burdened by legacy technology.

Our solution… will allow you to step into the future with secure payments, no hidden fees and data insights that can enhance your customer interactions.

Platform Structure

The modular product structure makes it quick and easy for you to add relevant financial services to your existing application, product and service range.


  • Reduce network fees
  • Simplify operations
  • Easy automation
  • Real-time
  • Compliant

We believe in bringing financial transactions to life, with you! Contact us for more information and your non-binding quote.

Your contact person
Christian Hegeler
Head of Sales & Account Management
Phone: +49 40 22821271
E-Mail: inbound-connect@finleap.com