Next-generation identity tools with core offerings

Automate customer onboarding processes by fetching relevant and validated information directly from customer bank accounts. By connecting to data contained in these accounts, you can reduce fraud all while operating in real-time. Ultimately, we help reduce onboarding friction for your customers by offering a streamlined fully-digital experience built on open banking.

Use Cases

Consent Management & AccountIdent

We believe… that current KYC workflows are time-consuming, not user-friendly and many current onboarding processes are expensive and not fully secure.

The problem… current solutions are manual and based on historical checklists that have not kept pace with the prevalence of digital records.

Our solution… builds on open banking to obtain validated and unique information about your customer to dramatically improve the efficiency and experience of onboarding.

Platform Structure

The modular product structure makes it quick and easy for you to add relevant financial services to your existing application, product and service range.

Key benefits

  • Simplify the onboarding process
  • Superior customer experience
  • Validated data from regulated institutions
  • Real-time information delivery
  • Focus on customer security & privacy

We believe in bringing financial transactions to life, with you! Contact us for more information and your non-binding quote.

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