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Digital Bank is a White Label mobile banking application. Through the state-of-the-art design and set of functionalities as well as a strict simplification in handling, we make sure that your customers get the best experience out there. Everything tailored to your CI and branding.

Your Banking – out of the Box: Based on the full banking license as well as the APIs for digital current accounts and cards from solarisBank, we are able to set-up your complete bank offering from existing components within weeks. This way you can enlarge your offering without high development efforts and engage customers right where their money is.



Flow through the everyday banking

With Digital Bank your customers enjoy the simplicity of banking

A fast and fully digital onboarding process in under 10 minutes makes sure you don’t lose customers before they even got to you – all while being fully compliant with Anti-Money-Laundering laws. The meticulously chosen functionalities within the app focus on reducing manual data entry, cut out offline processes and keeping the customer in control.

Use Cases

Extend your product offering

We believe… that there are many successful digital products in the market that are somehow connected to or interacting with their customers’ banking. Enhancing the current offering with a banking solution increases customer touchpoints and insights as well as significantly lowering marketing efforts.

The problem… is that setting up bank operations and building a state-of-the-art customer experience around it is not only highly cost and labour intensive, but also requires a wide range of different talents. 

Our solution… allows you to broaden your product offering with minimal efforts while being fully compliant with laws and regulations.

Open up new customer segments – Example SME

We believe… that SMEs (Small-and-Medium Sized Enterprises) want a banking experience with the same digital capabilities as retail customers but need better services when it comes to financial management. 

The problem… is that bank offerings are often tailored to either retail customers or big corporate clients. For most financial players SME business is not profitable due to lower scale and higher complexity and efforts. 

Our solution… enables you to provide your SME clients with the same simple and convenient mobile banking experience as for retail customers. On top of that, in combination with our vCFO product, we can extend that with a holistic financial management solution supporting your SME clients in controlling their financial well-being, funding, payments, etc.

Build a new business model

We believe… that a variety of new digital business models require a banking solution as part of their product offering. 

The problem… is that the banking part most often is not the core or differentiating factor, but requires a high investment, an extensive amount of work and has to fulfill strict regulatory and legal requirements. 

Our solution… enables founding teams to focus on the heart of their business and not being distracted. With our team of entrepreneurial minds and industry experts, we understand our customers and take care of a banking solution that fits their purposes. 

Key Features

Bank Account
  • Digital account opening
  • Balance overview
  • SEPA transactions
  • Timely booking
  • Standing orders
  • Real-time push updates
  • Digital account statements
  • Individual cards
  • Contactless payment
  • Instant activation
  • Setting a custom pin
  • Card freezing/unfreezing
  • Individual limit settings

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