Open Banking
By leveraging a machine-learning and rule-based system, we categorise financial transaction data providing customers and end users with financial insights and analytics.


Why choose us?

Cutting-edge categorisation engine

Empower end users to get a holistic view of their financial situation by analysing amounts, payment types, payment partners and beyond.

Recognition of transaction patterns

Gain insight into recurring transactions and identify e.g. subscription services, regular inflows, risk indicators or any specific user behaviour data.

High flexibility with our multi-model system

Benefit from our highly-flexible system that embodies classic deterministic approaches, as well as machine learning to cater all kind of use cases and location-specific requirements.

Continuous Learning

With our human-supervised learning algorithms, we are constantly adapting our categorisation engine to always ensure the highest level of classification accuracy.

Main features

  • Fully-customisable category trees
  • Recurring payment recognition
  • Geotagging of financial transactions
  • Dedicated risk signal engine to classify credit relevant risk transactions

If you’re looking for branded financial products, a fintech partner or banking toolswe’ve got you.

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