Our hiring process

At finleap connect, we are transparent and keen on hiring people whose personal values align with our company values, while also adding something unique to our teams. In our interview process, we assess people based on their motivation, skillset and potential.

The steps of our hiring process

finleap connect hiring process


Step 1: Initial contact and application

If you are interested, we’ll set up an informal call to give you further insights about finleap and our current team set ups and their missions. If you applied online, our recruiters will screen your application. 


Step 2: Interview phase 

First call with a recruiter
Our recruiters will have an introductory call to get to know you and discuss the job position in detail. 

Second call with your hiring manager
The hiring manager will be keen to understand your functional approach when it comes to the role in question. 

Case study / coding challenge
These challenges help us assess your mindset and skills when it comes to dealing with real-time use cases. 

Face-to-face interview
You will meet your future teammates and see if you’ll fit right in. 


Step 3: Offer 

Congrats, you are the chosen one! Your recruiter will call you with the great news followed by an official offer letter via email. We’ll give you a few days to think about the offer. If you have any questions about it, make sure to reach out to your recruiter. 


Step 4: Onboarding

Welcome on board! After accepting our offer, the recruiter will introduce you to your future human resources (HR) manager who will be your number one contact person from now on, and makes sure you will have a great start at the company! Your HR Manager will always have an open ear for questions!