Account Switchkit

Money Management
Our fully-digital account & portfolio switching solutions that help end-users to seamlessly switch their payment partners, enabling nearly real-time onboarding of new customers to a new bank account


Why choose us?

Activate valuable customers

Generate more revenue out of your existing customer base by converting idle customers into monthly active customers by enabling them to easily switch all their payment partner to your bank.

Boost your conversion rate

95% of customers using Account Switchkit make at least one payment or close their legacy account.

Reduce back-office effort

Actively transition customers to the service as an online-only process in your mobile and/or web application.

Gain insight via marketing analytics

Get access to advanced analytics and gain valuable insight into end users by leveraging financial transaction data from every switch.

Main features

  • End user onboarded by customer bank
  • Automatic readout of payment account
  • Creation of overview of payment partners & standing orders
  • Notification of payment partners about change of bank details (at customer’s request)
  • Initiation of transfer of old account balance to new account
  • Closure of old account

If you’re looking for branded financial products, a fintech partner or banking toolswe’ve got you.

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