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The finleap connect Aggregation product allows you to aggregate the many different types of accounts customers maintain today. From checking to credit card or savings accounts, our Aggregation product is the one single source of truth for your customer’s accounts and transactions.

How does Aggregation work?

1. Partner applications can access an aggregated view of financial data based on transaction categories or payment partners for any selected time period.

2. Based on this data, partners are able to glean rapid and actionable insights, including top customer payment partners or spending by category

3. The partner application sends an API request to access these aggregated views. These requests can be for a specific connected bank account, a bank as a whole or an individual user. 

4. When making an aggregation request, the partner application defines the time interval and a range of other parameters to customize the information flow for their needs.

Use Case


We believe… that by knowing your customers, you can enhance the relationship.

The problem… customers no longer rely on just one financial institution, driven in part by the explosion of digital banking.

Our solution… unlocks an aggregated and holistic view of all customer accounts across institutions and types.

Platform Structure

The modular product structure makes it quick and easy for you to add relevant financial services to your existing application, product and service range.

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